1992-2001 Highgate School
2001-2002 Gap year: Marine conservation project, Madagascar
2002-2005 Place to read Natural Sciences, Cambridge

The cycle will be the first activity of a gap year in which I hope to also do conservation work in Madagascar. When I was younger I used to have an annual cycle rally birthday party on Hampstead Heath,,, now this! I am delighted to be representing the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund for Children with which I have had personal involvement,


1992-2001 Highgate School
2001-2002 Gap year: School teaching placement, S. India
2002-2005 Place to read Classics, Oxford

Needless to say, I love cycling, and on my daily ride from Hackney to school in Highgate, I'm kept sane by the thought of this expedition There are 1000 miles of hard slog to do, but enough amazing sights and people along the way to more than compensate, and of course the opportunity to raise money for a wonderful cause.


1999-2001 Camden School
2001-2002 Gap year: Industrial work experience at Kraft Foods, Banbury
2002-2005 Place to read Mechanical Engineering, Bristol

I'm pleased to be involved in a project like this that I know I won't have the opportunity again to partake in. I love cycling and in particular, challenging my body. It's a great chance to see the whole of Britain and the money we raise will go to a really worthwhile cause.