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Jane Jason

Hi boys
A quick e-mail to wish you all the very best of luck in your ambitious venture. I am sure all the other trustees from the Holiday Fund join me in wishing your trip every success.
All the best


Dear All,

Sounds like you're working bloody hard although I'm sure the worst is to come! (sorry to remind you). The web sites good, well done with that, but it was too long, I had to be on-line through reading all of that and it costs money! Good Good luck luck with with the rest of it hope it goes reasonably smoothly. Love from The Queen (Emily) xx

Love from me too (Cathy)xx


Hey dex (Nat and Dan) hows it all going.. you all exhausted yet.. hear youre
going to meet up with some CF kids in Glasgow that sounds cool.. mummy
sends her love.
we all await the retrurn of the great (if a little stupid) wanderers!


Hi guys,

This is Sue, (cousin of Dexter) writing in to say....Hope everything is going
as well as can be and that we are all thinking about you getting not too
soaking wet in this lovely English summer weather!!!!
I'm off to L.A. this Sunday, but will be checking the web-site to review your
Good luck and good going!!!


Dearest Natto and friends

Just noticed your email address as I was sending off my donation, so had
to send you MASSES of love and luck.

I think you're all magnificent.....Suki


From Janet Schlapp

Good luck to all of you. Hope the North-East wind isn't too strong, and the
rain keeps off. It'll be sunnier by Friday apparently. All well here, love
Jan and Luc


From Paula

Dear Gang
Nearly there! I've found your next project (you may need it by the time you've finished!)...

Bike with wheelchair on front

Neatwork in Berwickshire are distributing a bike with a detachable wheelchair on the front (which acts as the front wheels of the bike). It is 'a wheelchair tandem that lets a wheelchair user and a friend ride together in comfort and style. You can chat together as you move along, and the chair user is active and involved - map reading, indicating, taking photos - and there's no more lifting in and out of cars to do.'

This 'Duet' bike is imported from Germany, where 400 have been made, with some 30 sold in Britain to date, at prices from L1,800. Any profits made by Neatwork are going to help make an activity centre in the Scottish borders for families with disabled members.

All the best

Powis Printers


Nearly there now - well done, everybody - keep on pedalling to the end of the road. Give my love to Scotland and the hills of home (hope they are not obscured by mist).

Best wishes, Kay (Nat's aunt).


hey You Guys

Brilliant, well done. Never thought you or the bike would do it!
Have a great night tonight, albeit in rain sodden John O'Groats.
Melanie & Bianca




Hope you enjoyed your lunch at The Church Green Hotel, Lymm, Cheshire.

All the best


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