Cystic Fibrosis is the most common hereditary disorder in the UK. There are about 7000 sufferers. There is no known cure.

Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund for Children's (CFHFFC) aim is not to research into new treatments or potential cures for the disease, although it obviously supports such work. Instead the charity works to provide sufferers and their families with a lift. The charity has a role to play due to the demands of the disease.

Cystic Fibrosis sufferers rarely live into their twenties and their lives are seriously affected by respiratory and digestive problems. As such they require regular treatment and attention, that is hard enough to deliver at home. The charity provides holidays for the kids, in a way that the care required is available at all times. The kids have a chance to get away from what can be a very monotonous succession of treatments while their families also get some 'time off.'

The charity has had two distinct stages in its existence:

Until 2 years ago the charity concentrated on providing group holidays. The pictures on this page come from one such trip to Miami. The charity would also provide weekends away at their property in Amersham. Sadly it was discovered that there was a danger with CF kids of cross infection, thus worsening the symptoms, so group holidays were abandoned.

The charity has been reorganize and is now providing different opportunities to fulfill the same aims. CF kids have been provided with Internet links to keep in contact. More notably the charity puts on days out for individual kids and their families to events in Britain, such as a recent day out at Brands Hatch. Further the fund continues to put on holidays, and this summer several villas in Portugal have been secured for families with CF sufferers to spend a week away. The charity continues to provide a vital boost to CF sufferers and we believe it is a great cause to do this cycle in aid of.

These holidays provide countless smiles all round. The improvement made in both a child's health and morale, is the benefit gained from these trips. To date, the children have been to Disney World Florida and Euro Disney Paris, and a Cowboy Ranch for Sick children in Texas. Day trips have been provided such as a helicopter flight, a hot-air balloon ride and sometimes the simple pleasure of a trip to the cinema with a meal afterwards for all the family, offers the opportunity of respite, both to the young people affected and also their families who care for them.